noblelift forklift range

Electric Forklift For Sale - Electric Range

Electric forklift for sale: Electric trucks now compete favourably with engine-powered forklift trucks and DM Forklifts are the proud distributors of the new electric Noblelift Lithium powered material handling solution range.

This range includes pallet trucks, power stackers, reach trucks and counterbalance sit-down forklift trucks. The Noblelift lithium battery operates in temperatures from -20C to +55C, there is no acid evaporation and zero C02 emissions. A truly modern forklift for the material handling workplace of today.

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  • Noblelift Lithium battery systems result in significantly lower total cost of ownership when compared to lead acid batteries and fossil fuels.
  • Rapid charging is achieved due to Li-ion batteries taking a charge faster than Lead Acid batteries and with no damage caused by “Opportunity Charging”.
  • NobleLift Li-ion batteries charge to 100% capacity in under 2 hours!
  • Longer run times between charging. 4-5 times greater than lead-acid battery.
  • Longer-life batteries means fewer charge cycles, zero maintenance and lower service costs.