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How does an electric forklift work?

We get asked plenty of times “How does an electric forklift work?” Well, an electric forklift with a lithium-ion battery works and performs just like any other forklift in terms of power, lift capabilities and speed. However instead of using fuel, in Australia it plugs in to an AC single phase (240V) or a 3-phase outlet (450V) which charges the lithium-ion battery that powers the forklift.

This means there is:

  • No need to regularly top up water levels
  • No messy acid
  • No gas fumes from LPG
  • No need for fuel storage anywhere on your premises

You just plug it in and go! For a full list of the Noblelift range of electric forklifts click here

If you’d like to find out more about lithium-ion powered electric forklifts contact us via email at

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