Electric Reach Trucks

What is a reach truck?

Reach trucks are forklifts specially designed for use in warehousing environments. They excel in operational conditions that require tightly spaced pallet racking aisles. With extremely tight turning capabilities and the option of being able to stack into pallet racking installed back to back, their versatility is hard to match.

Types of reach trucks

Reach trucks are electric powered and available in different styles including stand-up and sit-down models. The advantage of a stand-up reach truck model is the convenience for operators that are frequently on and off of the unit to physically manage product. Also, the stand-up reach trucks are more compact than their sit down counterpart, needing slightly less room to operate. Sit-on reach trucks are designed for longer hours behind the wheel, moving stock from trucks to stores for example and vice-versa.

The other variation of reach trucks is in the way that the forklift reaches the load. The most common type used, and generally regarded as safer, is the “moving mast” reach truck which uses a hydraulic system, moving the entire mast forward and back to pick the load. The other less common type is called “pantograph” which has the reach mechanism built into the carriage itself. The mast remains stationary while the carriage “scissors” out to pick or deposit the load. In addition to this system, a double deep pantographic carriage can be introduced which allows for double deep racking, (pallet racking installed back to back and accessed from one side)

New RT16P Noblelift Reach Truck

Electric reach trucks for sale and hire

DM Forklifts has an extensive range of electric forklift and material handling equipment available in new, pre-owned and rental options. Part of our range includes Noblelift electric reach trucks for sale and hire with both stand-up and sit-down models available.

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